Tom Downey

Thomas J. Downey, Chairman

Tom Downey founded DMG in 1993 after serving nine terms in the U.S. House of Representatives. A hands-on leader who actively manages client activities and advocacy, Tom’s expertise includes tax, trade, appropriations, energy and environment, technology, healthcare, and telecommunications. He has played a prominent role in Democratic politics from the local to the presidential level.
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Ray McGrath

Raymond J. McGrath, President

Ray McGrath joined the firm in 1999 after a distinguished career in the U.S. Congress, the NY State Assembly and the private sector. Ray oversees client relationships and account management, ensuring that objectives are successfully managed and achieved. As a respected former Member of Congress and president of the National Republican Club on Capitol Hill, he plays an active role in Republican politics.
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Kathy McLaughlin

Kathleen T. McLaughlin, Chief Operating Officer

A founding member and corporate officer of DMG, Kathleen Tynan McLaughlin directs the operations of the firm and oversees all administrative, legal and financial aspects of the business. Kathy has designed and directed numerous successful advocacy, grassroots and direct mail campaigns, as well as public opinion research and interpretation, in support of the firm’s clients.
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John Olinger

John Peter Olinger, Sr. Vice President

John Olinger advises clients on health, trade, environmental and social welfare policy as well as the development and implementation of grassroots advocacy strategies. An expert in international trade, John led the DMG team that represented Fuji Photo Film USA during its high-profile trade dispute with Kodak, a campaign widely hailed as strategic and highly effective.
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Maggie McCloud

Margaret M. McCloud, Director

Before joining DMG in 1993, Maggie McCloud was a legislative staff member in both the House and Senate. At DMG, Maggie develops and implements highly effective advocacy and grassroots strategies, employee programs and special events to help meet client goals. Along with her extensive experience in all aspects of the legislative process, Maggie’s extensive relationships on the Hill benefit DMG clients.
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Marcie McSwane

Marcie K. McSwane, Senior Associate

Marcie McSwane works with DMG clients on issues relating to veterans, telecommunications, health care, science and technology, and agriculture. Marcie’s communications background makes her a particularly effective advocate for the firm’s cable and telecommunications clients, and she is highly effective in reaching key decision makers, having worked on the staffs of two senior Members of the House of Representatives.
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Rita Welch

Rita D. Welch

Since 1998, Rita D. Welch has been the voice of DMG. Callers and visitors alike are treated with utmost courtesy and respect by Rita, who makes sure everything at the firm runs smoothly each day. In addition to client service and communications, Rita is responsible for visitor support, special events and general administrative support activities.
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